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Central Hall Mixed Use Development - Mystic, CT

This project involves the renovation and re-use of a waterfront site in the historic village of Mystic, CT.  The mixed use development, will consist of street level retail and 16 residential units in upper levels of the building, and will replace a historic retail building destroyed by fire several years ago.  The project site is located primarily over water within a designated flood plain area and requires special consideration in design of the building and its foundation system.  Since the site lacks any available parking, our work involves the planning and design of off-site parking and pedestrian improvements to provide the necessary access to parking areas.  Our services include on-site and off-site surveys, concept planning, extensive collaboration with local officials, site planning and design,preparation of local and state agency documents and liaison with those agencies.

This project demonstrates our skill and innovative approach in finding unique solutions for various challenges posed by unusual site conditions and project requirements.  Some of the challenges of this project include building flood proofing, coastal pedestrian access, coordination with local streetscape program and a parking program involving public and private properties.

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